West Midlands Display Screen Equipment Video Training

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people across the West Midlands who use Display Screen Equipment (DSE) at work every single day without realising the serious health consequences of not using it properly

At Stormnet we are one of the leading West Midlands Display Screen Equipment video companies who specialise in creating affordable and effective DSE training videos for companies and local authorities alike in the WM, Birmingham, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. An average DSE training video is usually around 20 minutes long and provides vital health and safety training for new and existing staff on how to correctly set up display screen equipment and asses risks. Often they include specific topics such as the difference between VDU and DSE and how display screen equipment can affect your health. It will cover the importance of taking breaks on a regular basis, how to carry out a risk assessment and importantly how to set up a chair, computer screen, keyboard, mouse and desk – It will also usually cover additional items such as exercises and portable equipment such as laptops and electrical safety.

In addition DSE will be included in wider programmes such as staff induction training and general office health and safety training. Many display screen equipment problems happen because of the way the equipment is used as opposed to the actual equipment itself. Our professional bespoke DSE DVD’s and videos can help you to alleviate these problems. So if you’re based in the West Midlands and want Display Screen Equipment Training videos contact us here at Stormnet.