Exhibition Videos

Exhibition Videos

For any company an exhibition can represent significant spend and therefore it’s vital that you leverage the most amount of business from the event.

In order that you get maximum return on your investment it’s critical that you attract as many potential sales to your exhibition stand as possible. What you don’t want is people walking by without giving your company a second glance!

An engaging and persuasive exhibition video can draw potential clients to your stand, engaging them from the start and showing then what you’re all about. If you’re fortunate to be very busy then an effective exhibition video can also provide people with important information and keep them on the stand before you have the opportunity to speak to them.

Many companies use their corporate video on their exhibition stand, however it’s been proven that this is not the ideal solution as a corporate video is usually designed to be watched from start to finish where as an exhibition video is designed to work in smaller chunks delivering and reinforcing important messages related to the goals of the exhibition.

In many cases corporate videos can be easily re-edited to provide the desired effect. This usually involves making the video highly visual with supporting graphics and captions as voice over cannot always be heard.

Contact us here at Stormnet Media Ltd if you’re considering an exhibition video – we can advise on the entire process from shooting a new video to editing an existing corporate video.